Brigette and Michael Intimate Styled Elopement at Lake Cushman, Washington

July 25, 2019

There was a day I thought photographing adventure elopements would be a pipe dream. An untouchable but incredibly beautiful career. Doing what I love [photographing people in beautiful locations, that is], with people I love, in places I love? Pffft, where’s the sign up sheet?!

After that thought, I always found myself so sad and disappointed that I wasn’t where I was in life… yet, to be traveling as spontaneously as I’d hoped by now. But alas, life. No complaints really, just…life can be really hard sometimes. I’m sure you know. Or, maybe you don’t. But the kind that breaks you apart, eats you up and spits you out, but all in the name of beautiful life lessons, full of love and radical acceptance.

Wow. Okay– enough with the heavy shit, Steph. (as I’m laughing out loud to my overly self-critiquing mind) Ahh the life of an artist.

I alwayshad the travel bug, ever since I can remember. And this bug has been screaming at me to just “do it already.” Make the move, hop the fence, do what you’ve always wanted to do. Live in a van, down by that friggin’ river! So– yeah, I did it. I hopped the fence. I moved into a van (well, really an RV) and I lived at the lake. It’s been amazing. Hard, but really amazing.

My dear friend, Michael, created this amazing bouquet at the time we arrived. He wandered down the way and a few short minutes later handed me this wild and organically grown beauty. I laughed at how effortless it was for him. He didn’t even use twine or rope. I don’t think I could’ve done this had I tried. It was perfect.

Having this opportunity to travel has completely changed so many of my perspectives; of what’s truly important, what’s really needed, what is it I even want? (Obviously, other than taking photos of you beautiful people.)

I found that it’s the experiences with the people we love most in this world, that’s the shit that matters. To being true. To being real. Open your heart, open your door, allow opportunity to flourish. It’s transformational in so many ways. I’m just so grateful. For all of it. The travels, the people, the lessons, the hardship, the joys, overcoming the fears, building relationships, fighting for my passions and dreams and riding the waves.

I’m so excited to share all of the beauty I was able to capture from my trip in June up the coast. Shoot after shoot, amazing couples after amazing couples, manifesting my dreams and living my best life. Literally. My heart is so full from it all.

I love when people incorporate their animals in shoots, weddings, whatever it may be. These little furry babes are so important in our daily lives (I mean, I’m a freak when it comes to loving my dog anyway) and so why would we leave them out when it comes to taking photos? No need. Bring them. They add so much personality and bring so much more life to images, and memories.

Brigette is such a beautiful soul, inside and out. She’s a momma to that little monkey, Forest and she has her own podcast, talking conscious parenting, shares her at home birth story and much more. She’s so talented and has such a way about her. She’s also a photographer and has such a unique and creative eye. You can find her work here.


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