Kamila & Jose //Waldorf Astoria Wedding

May 25, 2019

When Kamila wanted to hire me as her wedding photographer, knowing her since age 16, I was SO freaking excited. Not only was Kamila the most beautiful Polish princess that everyone knows and loves but she knows how to party!

I arrived at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Casino and immediately I got the pre-wedding nerves. (They’re relatively normal before any event or wedding, I know I’m not the only one.) This hotel has a reputation for high-class and its 5-star ratings, I knew I had to be on my A-game for I had my name to protect. I’m sure all of you small business owners and entrepuneur fellows can understand.

I get to the room and Kamila is about an hour in getting ready behind, but she’s got her vodka drink in her hand and a huge fucking smile on her face. She doesn’t care how late the show is running, “Ohhh– it’s fiiiiine.” I just love her attitude and lack of stress mentality, which is a rarity to come across, working in this industry. Quite sad if you ask me.

One of my favorite parts is the gift exchange between the bride and groom. Especially when it’s the gift of the ‘little black book.’ They go NUTS every single time. If you’ve ever considered doing a boudoir shoot and using it as a gift, DO IT. Seriously, the best gift ever.

Beautiful floral arrangements by the one and only Catherine at Layers of Lovely. She kills it. Every time.

Jose had the biggest smile on his face I ever did see. Kamila snapped her way down the aisle. Just the absolute cutest.

Kam grabbed her Dad’s arm to walk her the 3 feet she had left. Such an endearing, quick moment. Look at Dad’s smile.

Nothing but crying giggles the whole way through. (Me too, guys, me too.)

See, like I said, no fucks given. Kamila and Jose were so easy going, despite the late start, despite the wind, just look at that love! That’s all that mattered to them. Just so damn beautiful.

And if I could remember anything, it was sincerely how much love there was, not just between the couple but the love they shared with every single guest. My kind of wedding, my kind of feels.

Lia with I Do Details did such a beautiful job with the look and flow of the wedding.

Definitely one of the best parties I ever went to. Thank you Kam and Jose! I love you guys.


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