Rob and Kami’s Los Angeles In-home Engagement

June 13, 2019

This is definitely a story worth sharing. It’s kind of strange but also incredibly beautiful how this shoot came about.

So, I met Rob just a few months ago via a dating app. We went on a date, had a fun time, we had a great connection and had even vaguely made future plans for next time he was going to be in Vegas.

Rob is a cinematographer and he’s really good at what he does. Super creative, incredibly talented and he travels a bunch for work. We had a lot to talk about to say the least.

I remember when Rob called me, as he told me earlier when he was in Vegas we would go out again. The call went in a different direction though: he decided to tell me that just a few days after our first date, he met his soul mate, Kami. That he fell in love with her and that he wanted to remain friends with me! Such a graceful approach.

Like, what?! Instead of ghosting me and avoiding the situation (like most would probably do); and because he was so honest and upfront, we declared friends right away. Just such a beautiful moment.

It was a last minute plan, but as I headed out to California for the start of my new adventure and re-branding of my business, I reached out to Rob and asked if he and Kami wanted to model for me. He replied with a long, detailed and beautiful text flurry of their love story, the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the moments they shared that changed theirs lives and now how they’re planning to elope and need engagement photos anyway. I mean, come on. Could this be anymore romantic?

As I was crying throughout the entire text read, I had a lot of repressed excitement just bursting at the seams. I couldn’t wait to get them in front of the lens.

They mentioned a lot about how their bed is where they are a lot of the time. It’s where they learn about each other, share experiences, intimacy, connection, love, compassion. For me to share these moments with them, in such a beautiful space, I was truly honored.

Sometimes shit gets weird when I’m in your home though. Beware. Like, when I ran into their kitchen grabbed a banana and said, “feed this to each other.” I mean, you can feel the jokes and giggles just by these few images. It’s my favorite, catching reactions of my silly requests.

Pillow fights are the best fights. Especially when they end in kisses.

Meditation has made a huge impact on these two, so they ended the shoot with a few OM’s. Thanks again Rob and Kami, for being your beautiful selves, raising those vibes and sharing the love. <3


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